Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here are a few of my recent favorites (all compliments of Levi the Great):

"I can't want to mommy, I can't want to." or "I can't like this mommy, I can't like this."

- For some reason, he's started mixing up don't and can't. It's incredibly adorable, so I have to work really hard to not laugh at him when he's trying to express a real concern. :o)

"Don't say that word mommy, don't say that word!"

- I'm laughing as I type this, just remembering how he used this earlier today. We were in the check-out line at the store, and he saw a little toy he thought he needed. I told him "Levi, we can't have that because it's not belongs to the store." With such a distressed look on his face, almost in tears, he told me not to say that word :o) This is a fairly new phrase, used only in situations like this, and I'm finding it so interesting, as I've never told him not to say a certain word...?

"It's a 'squito mommy, it bite me!"

- He was bitten by a mosquito and every time he's seen a bug of any kind since, he's been SO afraid of it and tells me it was a 'squito and that it bit him....even if it's five feet away on the sidewalk ahead of us, lol! I don't know if it really hurt or what, but it put the fear of God in the child. So much so, that if we're playing outside and I can't get him to come inside, all I have to say is that I see a mosquito, lol. Bad mommy.


MA said...

so cute. i love the words they come up with! congrats on baby girl. that is so exciting. can't wait to see her!

Olivia said...

:) This is why we have kids, seriously!