Monday, June 6, 2011

Waaaaaaaay too much...

to catch up on! And it keeps me from ever coming around here to post! So I thought I'd just delve right into what's currently going on around here, and play catch up here and there when I get the chance!

So, a while back we bought the boys bunk beds! I found them on CL and they were a bargain! My favorite part is that they come apart, so for now they'll each have their own separate twin! Anyway, they've been sitting out in the garage because we didn't have mattresses to go with them. Well, we decided it's finally time to make the move!

I've always loved sewing...well maybe the idea of sewing...I can honestly count the number of things I've made in my adult years on one hand. That being said...I've always wanted to
make them quilts! So I'm going for it! I've looked and looked and looked and looked, and finally came up with a few fabric choices we liked.

Meet the three finalists:

Baby Animals.

This is Levi's favorite! And the colors are my favorite - colorful, but not too bright and crazy. Joe-Z thinks these are too "babyish" for "big boy" beds. I'm not sure I agree with him 100%, but I think I can see where he's coming from...


I don't know what it is, but I love these. The little guys just look so happy! The colors are a bit brighter than what I had in mind, but at least they're...not drab? I think these are the most "big boy" of the three, but still youthful.


Something about these little cowboys just pulls on my heartstrings! They're just so cute! This is JM's pick...he likes it because they have puppy dogs here and there :o) I feel like this would lend to the cutest decor for the room (soooo much you can do with a cowboy theme), but I hadn't planned on doing a full blown room decorating job here...and with these guys, the temptation might just be too much...

So help me decide which one we like the best! Take a quick minute and vote on the poll to the top right --------------->