Saturday, August 29, 2009

Free $10 Mall Gift Card...

Hi friends! Just saw this sweet little deal and thought I'd pass it on!

Go over to Shop Smart, Look Fab to get your free $10 gift card to a local mall near you! (In the Tallahassee area it's to Governor's Square and as of right now, there are 354 gift cards left to give out.)

You fill out your information and they send you an e-mail confirmation to print out and take to the mall to redeem for your gift card during Shop Smart Days, starting September 17th.

(Once you get to the main page, make sure you wait for it to scroll through to the second offer...the first one is for $10 off a $75 purchase...the second is the free gift card.)

Have fun shopping! I know I'm gonna enjoy getting Savannah something cute...for free!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

More Levi-isms...

Yesterday I asked Levi to pick something up for me. He brought it over to me and I said, "Thank you baby!" Walking away, without even skipping a beat, he said, "You're welcome baby!" Lololololol.

Today Levi woke up early from his nap. He said "I wanna lay on the couch." I said, "Do you want a pillow?" He said, "Mmmm hmmm." I laughed and said "And a blanket?" "Yep" he said. I laughed again and said, "Levi, you're SO funny!" His response, "I AM so funny!" I laughed again and said "Oh my gosh, you're SO cute!" He nodded emphatically and said, "I AM so cute!!!" After that we were both in hysterics.

What a crack up this little boy is! Such a sweetie!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"It's a long story..."

This morning, as I came from the kitchen to the living room, I noticed the lack of one Mr. John Morgan. I couldn't find him anywhere! I checked our bedroom door (we have a child lock on the outside) and it was closed, so I figured he couldn't be in there. After a few minutes of searching with no luck, I went back to the bedroom and opened the door to find JM quietly talking to himself while taking all of the food off of our food shelf. Nice. I must have left the door a smidge open earlier and he was able to push it open, then fully close it behind him. I turned to Levi (who was assisting in my hunt) and said, "Levi, how in the world did he get in here?!?!" He looked at me and with a very somber face said "It's a long story, Mom." I said, "What?" And he repeated "It's a long story." Lolololololololol. For some reason, this really tickled my funny bone! The really strange thing is that I don't even use that phrase...I wonder where he picked it up? Little cutie.