Saturday, January 19, 2008

Levi loves his magnets...

Okay, so maybe his favorite (or at least most used) toy wasn't the horse or the kitchen. Along with his ball, he has so much fun playing with his Leap Frog magnet sets. It's nice because it gives me time to cook or clean in the kitchen while he's having fun right next to me...and hopefully learning a letter or two or an animal sound in the process!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Simply Havin' A Wonderful Christmas Time!

Hi there! I know it's been a nice long while since you've heard from us...sorry about that! Here's an overview of how our Christmas Season unfolded. Lots of fun, lots of family, and lots of toys :o) We hope you all had a great time too and that your New Year is happily underway! Here are some pictures from our various stops along the way:

Christmas at Home

We had a great Christmas. We did NOT wake up early (so nice that Levi doesn't know the anticipation of presents yet!) and took our time opening presents. Levi wasn't all about ripping things open. Actually, we think he would've been fine with just the first present he opened! After that it was mostly me opening the presents and saying "Look Levi...don't you love it!?!" At which point he would meander his way over, look at the toy and decide if it was worth leaving behind his other newly-found toy(s)! He liked them all, but we think his favorites were definitely the rocking horse and the toy kitchen! Yay!

Christmas at Grandma Sherri's House

We had a great time at Grandma's house. The whole family got together for Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful dinner (thanks Cris - it was a joint effort, but Cristy orchestrated it all!) and had great fun opening presents. It's always nice to be surrounded by family for the holidays, but this Christmas was extra special...I know we are all grateful that Grandma is doing so well and that things continue to look up!

Family Christmas (Grandma Irene's Side)

It's always nice to get to see family you haven't seen in awhile. We had fun mingling and of course the food was delicious! Levi got to meet Santa and loves his new guitar!

Gingerbread Fun

We went and made gingerbread houses at John & JoDell's house. I think we'll try to make one every year from now a little family tradition. The kids had tons of fun playing and the adults had some fun of our own trying to keep our houses together, let alone making them look pretty!