Sunday, March 29, 2009

"She's got a baby inside...

...and holds her belly tight..."

Joe-Z and I sing this at the most random moments.

We joke because it's almost like we forget I'm pregnant sometimes. Yes, I'm still sick all the time {although the last few days have been progressively better} but it's like I'll have these moments where I think "Wow, I'm having another baby!" Seems like with Levi I thought about him every second of the day, every day of the week and so on. With JM, he was still in the forefront of my mind most of the time, but my attention was completely focused on Levi. And now with this one, just makes me wonder how it'll be once we get to our 6th or 7th, lol.

Anyone else feel like this with their pregnancies?

I had an appointment this week. I'm no longer going to report on my weight gain, as I'm afraid I might end up in Guinness Book of World Records or something, lol.

It's noteworthy though, that no matter how many times I hear one of our babies' hearts beat, it's never any less amazing. 160 bpm, loud and clear.

I hear you baby! Can't wait to meet you!


Andie said...

I'm still betting on twins!

You are experiencing a common thing with third pregnancies and beyond---with Mason I didn't even have a bag packed to go to the hospital till I was actually IN labor. And I wondered as recently as a few days before he was born "WHAT THE HECK WERE WE THINKING?!?" ;-)

Nicole said...

I love that song by Colbie Caillat. Glad to hear that things are going well for you. Hearing a baby's heart beats is one thing I am really looking forward to in the future. It seems like it would be such a cool experience.

shantel said...

You look beautiful!!

Yes that's how I fell with my pregnancies too!!

The Seaman Family said...

I am right there with you and everyone else! I know I am pregnant but there is no time. I am reminded as I am trying to fall asleep and kick or that nausea but other than that not so much. But I can't wait. It's so fun to hear their heart beat!

Kristen said...

You are so pretty and look like the happiest prenant mamma ever! aRe you planning a trip back here anytime soon?