Sunday, March 1, 2009

You're ONLY how far along???

8 weeks!

That's right people, 2 months along! Don't you only wish you could have a big baby belly like this when most normal people don't start showing until 4 or 5 months!?!?! Don't be jealous. I'm just cool like that!


I hope you can tell I'm only joking. I'm in no way bragging.

I'd gladly give back the 14 pounds I've gained in the last 8 weeks for a non-detectable baby bump, any day!


Kristen said...

ummm. have you had an ultrasound yet? Could it be twins???? OH how exciting would that be??? How far are you guys from Orlando?>

shantel said...

How are you feeling?? Has your morning sickness went away yet??

Mrs. Blimes said...

you're gorgeous!!! im still holding out hope for twins though!

Andie said...

Ditto. When are you scheduled for a u/s?

Jenn said...

Good to see ya yesterday! You look great, try not to worry too much about gaining weight...I need to follow my own advice, though:P Ok, so it's really hard not to worry! When you feel sick, though, you just have to do what you can. I hope your morning sickness goes away sooner than mine.

It's all for a very good cause.

mattANDvicky said...

I think you look beautiful! You got in great shape after two kids and you will again. Bellies run in my family and that's just the way it is. Take care of yourself and with three, you will have a built in exercise plan, I promise!

the Rew Crew said...

You look awesome! With Brody I started showing the second I got pregnant. I'm scared for the third time around (this is NOT an announcement).