Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Up, up, and away!

Well, not the away part yet, but here he comes, up and up!

I walked into the boys' room this morning and found this:

which was promptly followed by this:

(do you see him there...flailing backward, limbs a blur?)

He's been trying for the last couple of days now. Just like Levi, actually, his first attempt was on a case of Zephyrhills water, lol. After 3 or 4 days of practice, he finally has it down.

And so this has become our new fun game. He stands up on anything he can possibly find, gets excited, bounces, waves his hands, and falls because he's not holding on anymore, lol. It's a blast! Levi is really enjoying it too...he keeps saying, "Gain!" and pointing at John Morgan, trying to get him to do it again!

My most favorite, though, is when he crawls over to me, grabs one hand and pulls himself on his knees to take my other hand, then pulls himself up to standing. He's so close to me, looking me right in the eyes, giggling in excitement over his new found independence. So sweet.

I love being a mom!


Wonsch Fam said...

You have such fun kids :)

Kristen said...

Way to Go John Morgan. You will be glad to have these memories on your blog for years to come!

Barbie and Craig said...

WOW! Such a big boy! He is such a CUTIE! They both are! Thanks SO much for the advice on the food for Porter. I still haven't decided what to do yet...except wait another week or so to decide! He doesn't mind not getting the food while Mommy makes up her mind! Thanks a million!

Cherish said...

It's fun in the early years because all the milestones come so close together!

BTW, tag you're it! Check out my blog.

carrs in tally said...

that's so funny! way to go john morgan!!!

Jenn said...

Glad everything is going well! Sorry I haven't e-mailed you like I said I was...I'm behind on everything it seems. I will soon though! How's the apartment?

Olivia said... it.

My grandmother's four boys were all close in age, and she told me that when the second oldest, Bruce, was trying to learn to stand, my dad (the oldest) kept pushing him down so he wouldn't get hurt.

I love the amazment in their eyes when they learn something new!

Jen said...

So cute!!! Love the photos of your baby!!

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The Seaman Family said...

How cute and fun!

Keturah said...

Hoorah Mr. JM. I love it. Z is working to follow in your crawl steps. Love you guys and the pics.