Monday, October 20, 2008

Up and running...kinda

Okay, so we've finally got our Internet working at a normal speed, and I've located not only my camera cord, but my camera also! Woo hoo!

And yet, I haven't posted anything for a few weeks. "Why?" you may ask...I'll tell you. Since it's been so long since I've had anything to post, I feel like this first one back needs to be big. And great. And lately, I just do. not. have the time for big and great.

So...I decided that I'd just do something short and sweet...take the pressure off, you know? That way, at least I'm back and can go from here!

Here are just a couple of pictures to check out for now. Not lots, of course, as that would take a lot of time and effort, therefore thwarting my efforts of creating a simple post. :o)


Andie said...

Lindsey did you cut your hair? It looks good!

Kristen said...

Andrea beat me to it...Did you cut your hair? I cut mine too...i love it!

The Seaman Family said...

Yeah, your back and you are all lookin good! Those boys are cute as ever!

Keturah said...

Yeah and muah. I love how gorgeous my nephews are.

Mrs. Blimes said...

that is the cutest picture of you and joe-z ever!

so, when are we getting those ears pierced???

Olivia said...

You're back! So good to see you again! We need to chat again.