Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Levi's First Haircut!

Well, I finally brought myself to do it...I went and got Levi a haircut! Grandma Sherri met us at "Kid's Kuts"...a really cute little place that specializes in, well, kids cuts. They had toys all over the place and lots of fun things for the kids to look at hanging from the ceiling. Levi really didn't know what to think of the whole thing.

When we first got there they let him pick out the animal he wanted to sit on. He picked the frog :o) Then she put the apron around his neck and sprayed his hair with water. The whole time he just sat there, serious! Despite the TV playing the movie Cars, he stayed this way until the very end. And wouldn't you know that by the time she had finished (not even 4 minutes later) he was ready to stay and play! We were so proud of him - he did a great crying or screaming or even wiggling! He was very cooperative!

She saved the first few snips of hair for me to take home, and they even gave him a "My First Haircut" certificate...super cute! I'd have to say, overall, I'm glad we went. Although he looks so much more grown up, he's even more handsome!


The Seaman Family said...

What a big boy! He is so cute!

Mrs. Blimes said...

Hey Lindz! it was so good to see yall, i am sad we had to leave so early!

the Rews said...

It is amazing how they look so much older once they get their hair cut. We had Liv get a bob a few months back and it is super adorable, that is when I remember to style it. On most days she still has a shaggy-do hanging in her eyes.

I think hair cuts for babies/toddlers makes them look so much better, even when parents think they are already perfect-looking. Now that Liv has had a hair cut I can recognize that she did look kind of shabby before.

Oh well. Hopefully she won't be too scarred from it.

Mrs. Blimes said...

im here! or something like that...