Thursday, November 1, 2007


Last night was Levi's first time trick-or-treating on Halloween! He dressed up as a Lion (for Grandma's benefit party his daddy was the Scarecrow, I was Dorothy, and his little teddy bear was the Tin Man)! He was the cutest little guy!

We think he had a good time...although he was pretty somber most of the time! :o) Since it was sooo cold out, instead of taking him all around the neighborhood, we took him up to a local church that was doing a "Trunk-or-Treat" activity. It was super cute! They also had all kinds of games, refreshments, a costume contest, and a cute "Photo Studio" that had a little background where you could sit to take your own pictures. Levi has always been intrigued by other little kids, so I think his favorite part was seeing all the kids dressed up in their costumes!

He kept throwing his candy bucket on the ground...we were afraid that he was going to dump out all the candy, but once we got to the first car and they gave him that first piece of candy, he just kept the bucket in his lap and let them fill it up! It was really cute to watch! Once we got home, he took out each piece of candy, one by one! He would look at it, nod his head, put it on the ground, and reach for the next piece. We dumped it all out for him to look at, and he was soooo happy! If only he knew what candy was all about!

Grandma Sherri even had fun staying at our house and giving out candy! :o)

We all had a great time! Hope you did too!

Happy Halloween!


Keturah said...

You guys are so cute. Can't wait to see what Levi looks like seeing his new sibling since he's so into looking at other kids. He'll be a great brother. Love you, Keturah

Keturah said...

Also, I like Savannah. Sounds pretty........Levi and Savannah.=-)

marquesas said...

awe what a cute family!

The Seaman Family said...

What cute pics! He is adorable in his Lion outfit!

the Rews said...

Oh my goodness-little Levi is so grown up!

Can I say how jealous we are you have escaped to the, (albeit frigid), wonderful world of the NORTH?

Although those winters are going to be killer, remember that nothing is worse than being pregnant in the humid South--so enjoy!!!

Olivia said...

sooo cute! Anjali, unfortunately, does know what candy is! We had a few minor melt downs during our trick-or-treating. She was a princess, of course, and very adorable!

Congrats on the pregnancy!

Jenn Stansel said...

This is a cute site...we haven't gotten into the blogging yet, but maybe we should too! Levi is so adorable. Congrats on the pregnancy! I can't wait til we have will be fun. I hope you are feeling well. Glad to hear ya'll are doing great in Minnesota. Joe and I actually just went to your in-laws house a few weeks ago to get Joe's Patriarchal blessing, and I thought about ya'll up there in the cold! Great to hear from ya'll and talk to you soon!