Monday, June 15, 2009

London Bridge Children

There is a sister in our Stake that has an amazing talent in creating all things kids. Apparently, she's been selling her things in a boutique here in town for a few years, and has recently decided to branch out and open her own website! She's hoping to get linked from people's blogs to pass the word on! If you decide to give her link love, you can order a free 8x10 print from her web site! (Below are her e-mail instructions!)

"Hey Guys! My new website if finally done and live. I have all my art for kids listed on there as well as other items for kids and babies from other companies and artists. Take a look and let me know what you think. I search the Internet for unique and cute stuff for kids and I’m adding products daily.

I am trying to get the word out so if you blog please consider adding a link to my site…if that's okay, can you list the site name as "Kids Art, Baby Bedding, Nursery Decor" and then link it to I'm trying to get linked to as many blogs as I can. If you have any friends that blog let them know that if they will add my link to their blog then I will send them a free 8x10" art print from my website (and they can pass that offer on to their friends…you can just forward this to them). Just have them email me if they are interested.

And, of course I want you to pick out an 8x10" art print for helping me out…thank you so much!


I'm officially in love with her wall art, and I bet you will be too! She's quite the talented lady! Happy shopping!

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