Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Almost half way!

Here's to hoping that bump doesn't grow any until I hit the last few weeks, lol!

Our ultrasound is scheduled 2 weeks and one day from now on Wednesday, May 13th, which happens to be Joe-Z's birthday (purely coincidental!). We're SUPER excited.

Side note {probably more for my remembrance than anything}:

I wouldn't say that I think I'm having twins. But I'm pretty sure I'll cry if I'm not.

How silly is that?!?

In the beginning all I wanted was for this baby to be a girl. Somewhere in the past 16 weeks I changed to wanting a boy. And then it changed to one of each. I want a girl, but I'll be sad if it's not a boy. I want a boy, but I'll be sad if it's not a girl. Does that make sense?

I took an online quiz that's supposed to tell you if you may be having twins (I know, I know. Online quizzes are entirely inaccurate. But this was not just "Are you dreaming about your baby coming out a cheeseburger" or something like that.). I scored 7 out of 10. Of the 3 I didn't answer yes to, 1 was ultrasound confirmation, and the other was confirmation from a special blood test you can take.

However, even though I could answer the other questions with a yes, they were things like "you measure large for your date." Yeah, I do, but I also did with both of my boys...they're just enormous babies! "You felt fetal movement early on." Yes, but I did with my other two as well...again something I attribute to the babies being bigger...I feel them earlier. "Above average weight gain." Um...yes. But, in my defense I was on a healthy eating and exercise program before I got pregnant, and as soon as I started feeling queasy (even before the positive test), that all went out the window...the baby needs what the baby needs, after all ;o) And so on and so forth. All the yes answers could also describe my other pregnancies.

So. Anyway. There you have it.

Happy baby growing!


Kim and Stace said...

you look great Lindsey! Twinsies would be really fun-- and they would no doubt be uh-door-uh-bull because you make some for real cute babies!

Rach said...

I used to think I wanted twins... then I actually had a baby and found that one was plenty. Luckily, twins do not run in either bloodline.

Jenn said...

you do look great...can't wait to hear what the ultrasound says!

how are the boys, btw?

Andie said...

You look absolutely beautiful! Pregnancy suits you well. Wouldn't twins be fun, especially being in Florida with all kinds of extra helpers?

Kristen said...

I think it has to be! I am eight weeks almost nine and I will no longer say that I feel like I am showing! ;-) You are so pretty and look like you are meant to carry beautiful babies, boys or girls!

Nicole said...

Hopefully you will find out one way or another at your ultrasound in a few weeks. It's tourture to have so many options running through your mind and no way to know what it's actually going to be.

Todd & Nichole said...

You look so cute. I love the baby bump. You haven't had an ultrasound yet?

shantel said...

You look great!!

Good luck with the ultra sound!!

Brett said...

Yep... and the baby needs lots of yummy stuff!!! Don't feel bad. It's the best excuse in the world to gain weight, and you're gorgeous anyway.

Mrs. Blimes said...

you're beautiful!

Melinda and Greg said...

Congrats on baby #3. Your two boys are absolutely adorable so I know this one will be just as cute! Thanks for the comment! Don't worry about the move it will come and go faster then you think. I can't stand living out of boxes so practically the minute after we got here I was unpacking boxes. Then I had Greg post an add on Craigslist that night to give our boxes away for free. Someone called us about them and wanted to pick them up the next day when she got off work at 5. It forced us to unpack everything and get it put away. We seriously had it finished in 2 days. Now we are just finishing up the making it pretty part...making pillows, hanging the rest of the pictures, etc. Good Luck with the move. How much longer do you have til moving day?