Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To give in, or not to give in...

Tonight, before bath time, I said "Levi, do you want anything to eat?" "No" was all he said. Me, again, "Are you sure? Aren't you hungry?" {Looking at me with his ever-so-cute "duh" eyes} "No hungry Mom. I don't."

Upstairs we went.

We get to the bathroom, he realizes what we're doing, and beelines for the door. Of course, I stop him. After I take off his shirt, with puppy dog eyes, and as he rubs his tummy, "Mom. Hungry." I just stare, trying not to laugh. "Yeah Mom, hungry? Yeah Mom, dinner, yeah, yeah. Dinner Mom?" As if in the last 2 minutes he realized he'd become famished.

I bathed him and put him to bed, amid many requests for many different types of food. The next 45 minutes, sounding like his little mouth is right next to the microphone on the monitor, he keeps saying "Mommy, dinner? Mommy, hot dogs?" Over and over :o)

I finally gave in after 48 minutes (and in his defense, he did down 2 hot dogs in about 30 seconds flat). He was so sweet.

But he does this all. the. time. And I always give in. I just can't stand it {see aforementioned comment about sweetness}. So, now I ask you, where do you draw the line?


Kristen said...

Levi knows his momma loves him and wants to make sure he isn't hungry and it sounds like he has momma wrapped around his little finger...the girls are very good at doing this with us too, more so Benjy..but it is very sweet to see! They grow up fast and someday..we will be wishing for these types of moments!

Mrs. Blimes said...

hee hee thats a hard one! i cant stand to see a hungry child. but a hunger faking sleep deprived child is no picnic either. what a little charmer you have. he so adorable id prob give him hot dogs all the live long day.

my child is doomed to become a spoiled brat.

Todd & Nichole said...

You are a great mom. I wouldn't be able to do it either. He sounds like such a sweetie.

Cherish said...

I gave you a blog award, go check it out on my blog!