Monday, January 12, 2009

John Morgan's walking...

A little, anyway.

*Note: Sorry for the horrible quality. We're still working on getting a new cord for the video camera {where the good videos live}, apparently they don't sell them in stores. You have to order from the manufacturer. So for now, you get to keep watching cell phone videos. Yay!

He's been taking those baby steps for about 2 and a half weeks now. He'll walk up to 18 steps if he thinks he's going to get ice cream from my bowl, which of course he doesn't b/c of the milk allergy, but he does love the cold spoon, lol!

Pretty cute, huh?

*Afterthought: Joe-Z wants me to assure you that the fall wasn't as bad as it may seem. He just tumbled into my lap, happily searching for the spoon ;o)


Olivia said...

Heeheehee...looking good! love it! he's so cute! Hopefully me and the girls will be down for a visit this spring sometime. I don't get to bed these days earlier than 11 (if I'm lucky, usually it's midnight) so call as late you want.

Cherish said...

He looks pretty steady already! Crazy how fast they grow up.

Todd & Nichole said...

Lindsey- You are a better mom than me for not letting your kid have candy. Once you do there is no going back. It isn't that good for them but sometimes it is just easier to give in. COuld you come and organize my house for me? Please? Your closet looks awesome. I can't believe John Morgan is walking that is so awesome. Looks like you are going to have your hands even fuller now that he is getting more mobile. Later GIrl.