Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanksgiving time again!

This time of year is my favorite! Everyone is happy, thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and Christmas and the promise of a new year. We had an especially great Thanksgiving this year. A couple of them, actually!

First, we had Miller Family Temple Weekend, where we celebrated Thanksgiving also. It was such a wonderful time. It's always so nice to be with family, and it's so fun to see the family growing! This year, we had 3 new babies and 1 on the way, and then other grandchildren had gotten so much bigger! It's so weird to think that when Joe-Z and I got married 4 years ago, there were only Dayna and Cassy, and now, come February, there'll be 8 grand kids!

This is mostly everyone, John Morgan was sleeping, and baby #3 for John and Sarah is still cooking away inside!

Then on to Thanksgiving in Jupiter!

We always have fun when we go to Jupiter. Maybe it has something to do with being on vacation and knowing, if only for those few days, you have no responsibilities but to relax and have fun!

Our trip in a nutshell:

See that little cutie, that's Aidan, Garrett and Sam's little boy, sitting with his Grandpa Joe. He's just over a year old, and he was absolutely a sweetheart! Notice how John Morgan is pretty much the same size... I think Levi had more fun playing with Aidan than he did playing with Levi though, lol.

While this was staged for the picture, Levi did have the opportunity to pull the trigger on this air rifle (as long as me pulling it for him, with me shielding him behind me counts as "him" pulling it, lol). We had a ton of fun after dinner Thanksgiving day shooting at 20 oz pepsi bottles that Joe had strategically placed throughout the backyard. And I just have to say that I totally rocked...I was the most accurate shot of us all!

This is my magnificent friend, Kayla. She is the one that first invited me to a youth dance, which peaked my interest in the church. Without her, I would be in a totally different place in life, one not near as happy and gratifying as the place I'm at now is, I'm sure. In a way, without her, I wouldn't have my husband, kids, or personal relationship with the Savior. So thanks Kayla, I owe you ;o)

The next 3 are of us at the beach. What more can I say? It's like heaven!

Once again, John Morgan was sleeping, but here are the three of us, enjoying the warm weather in sunny Jupiter!

Levi loved playing the Wii! I think this was his favorite part of the whole trip!

This was taken while we were out to eat at the Thaicoon, my favorite restaurant of all time! We met my cousin Jen and my Aunt June here that night. We've been going to this place since I was born. Other than my immediate family, these are the people I've known the longest in my life...weird, huh?

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

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Andie said...

Such pretty pictures of the beach, and on Thanksgiving, too! Totally jealous--it was like 12 below here yesterday or something. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving....Merry Christmas!