Friday, October 1, 2010


Well, this morning we had Levi's 4 year check-up and Savannah's 1 year check-up.

Good times were had by all, muahahaha.

Actually, the children were pretty close to perfect...I kept thinking I must have been dreaming, as it is a rarity for them to be such angels at the doctor's office!

And for their stats:

Levi - 38lbs, 6oz (50th %) and 43 inches (94th %)

Savannah - 19lbs, 8oz (23rd %) and 30 inches (79th %)

Let's not forget the most important happening of the morning though: I got dressed in ironed clothes, did my hair and make-up, and wore perfume! Miracle of miracles, I know.

Here's to a great General Conference weekend!


Cleo said...

You deserve a gold star and promotion to General:) Way to go!

Mrs. Blimes said...

it is SICK how excited I was to see that you are back. I LOVE you! Happy bloging!

Alicia said...

Great to hear you updating! The kids are growing super fast!

Also I have a new link to my website! :)

Kristen said...

I love that you added that you got dressed, did your hair and make-up. About once maybe twice a week that might happen for me. Sundays and night! ;-)

Tonya said...

Yeah for the kiddos!

And extra kudos for you - it's so hard to take care of mommy to that degree! Good for you! I don't have little ones any more and still forget to take care of mommy like that! =) I'm proud of you!

Mrs. Blimes said...

I'm commenting to say that I love you and you are awesome. Let's get together this week.

Mrs. Blimes said...

Seriously though, why haven't you blogged yet? ;0)