Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Recent Savannah pics!

I was changing JM's diaper in another room and Savannah was absolutely hysterical. All of sudden she's quiet, and I think "uh oh." But, alas, it was just Levi bringing Savannah flowers to help make her happy :o)

For a long time, this was her favorite place to sleep: Mommy and Daddy's bed!

She does a lot of yawning! The ducky is courtesy of Levi :o) He wanted her to play too!

I know it's kind of mean, but I promise I didn't run to get the camera just b/c she was crying. I was already taking pictures, and she all of a sudden got upset, and I just couldn't resist! She's even cute when she's crying!

She looks deep in thought, no?

Smiley baby! For the most part, she's usually quite the happy camper!

Tummy time on the boppy.

Under her mobile. She LOVES that thing! And I love her big bright eyes!

Mommy and Savannah = BFF


Andie said...

So much personality for a someone so little! Love it.

PS You look GREAT.

Olivia said...

darling, she is adorable, and looks so much like her mommy!

Steven & Tiffany Martin said...

I want a girl!!!!!

Tricia said...

Cute pictures! I wish I took more pictures of my kids crying. The one of Jess reminds me, "Oh yes, there was that part too." But it really can be adorable.