Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A letter to my boy

Dear Levi,

My sweet boy. I love you so much. You are such an unspeakable source of joy in my life. I hope that your life will be fulfilling and rewarding and that I'll raise you with a knowledge of how special you me and to those whose life you will impact, but especially to our Heavenly Father.

However, thinking over my younger years, I'm sure at some point in your life, you may question if I truly have your best interest at heart (after all, if I really loved you, wouldn't I be letting you play in that championship game on Sunday or letting you go to that unsupervised boy-girl party?). Well buddy, should you ever wonder if or how much I love you, please recall in that genius mind of yours the events of this morning.

Remember how we had to get up early and go to the doctors office for John Morgan's check-up? Remember how you had a poopy literally as we were walking out the door. And how freezing cold it was! Boy, that was fun. Especially when you kept running away from me in the doctors office, and defiantly saying "no" every time I asked you to "please come back." Remember when all those people kept staring at us and shaking their heads and saying "You sure have your hands full, don't you." Oh, if only they knew we are expecting another, tee hee hee. And then came the car ride home...that was the best! I'm still not sure why the two of you were so upset, I guess I thought you'd be sad about going to the doctor, not leaving. Anyway, once you were settled down, I found my saving grace. Something that would make everything better. Chick-Fil-A! I pulled away with my Chicken-Mini's meal, hash browns and orange juice included. The greasiness settled so nicely into my tummy, calming my morning sickness. {Note: there is just something to be said for not-so-good food and pregnancy...not sure where that connection comes from or why it exists (except to make me fat again), but it is so very, very real.}

Anyway, we get home and I bring everything into the house. Then I bring you boys in. I realize my orange juice is still sitting in the cup holder in the car. I go back out to grab it, and upon returning to the house, find you running my way with the Chick-Fil-A bag in tow, excitedly screaming "Dinner! Mom look! It's dinner! Come on, Mom. Have some. Come on, Mom!" You were so stinkin' cute! That little sparkle in your eye...gets me every time {seriously, it really does}! So, I sat you down with a plate and filled it with my last chicken-mini and the last of my hash browns. Did you read that? THE LAST ONE!

That is how much I love you sweetie. And I always will. You can always have my last, mouth-watering-ly delicious, morning-sickness-curing chicken-mini. You're that special!

All My Love Always,


Jenn said...

You really already have morning sickness?! I'm so sorry!!

Since it really takes having your own children to understand the love your parents have for you, I'm thinking it may be a while before our children truly know...but like the many generations of parents before us, we just keep on trying. I think Heavenly Father is allowing us a glimpse into how He feels for us and how we can't comprehend the love He has for us. I've been thinking about that alot lately how clever, for lack of a better word, and all-knowing He is and how He teaches us in a way that we think we're the teacher...I hope that made sense! I guess when we're thinking "Goodness,(insert your childs name here), could you please just be good and do right? Everything works out so much better and everyone is alot happier when you act right!"...Heavenly Father opens my mind for a second and says, "Exactly".

By the way, from one pregnant woman to another, the thought of orange juice made my mouth water...

Hope you feel better, and soon.

Andie said...

Way to capture a moment in time. I love it!

Mrs. Blimes said...

hahahahahahahah love this!!! literally had me laughing outloud!

and chicken minis are THE BEST!!! thanks for makin me crave em... i was gonna be good today too.

Kristen said...

way to sacrafice for Levi..he is sooo sweet, I agree with you on that one!

Olivia said...

LOVE IT! This is why I always hide my favorite foods, sad, I know. I'm so sneaky, you should see me during nap time getting out my special "treat". Pathetic. And yes, the covert eating-while-driving-so-she-can't-see move. Oh yes. But yes, when she catches me, I do let her have a bite...