Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're back...

and SURPRISE*...we're in Florida!

I've been missing lately in the blogging world, but for good reason! We've moved!

Joe-Z has always wanted to work for the Church Educational System. We thought he could get the training he would need anywhere we went, but later on found out that most people are too busy to do any type of training on a one-on-one basis. Getting into this position is very competitive, so we figured that we'd need all the help we could get, which included training, so we decided to go to the place we knew it was available...back to Tallahassee! Yay! We love Brother Bowcutt and Joe-Z is very excited for the opportunity to learn from the best!

The day we found out that this would be an option, we were going through a random box of papers (left over from a previous move, lol) and we found Joe-Z's acceptance letter to Flagler from last year and thought we'd call to see if they'd still take him this year. Sure enough, after a couple of signatures here and there, they said..."Welcome starts on the 25th!" That gave us just 10 days to be there!

So, we found all that out Thursday about noon and we had packed and left by the next Friday afternoon. We drove down that weekend and Joe-Z made it to school by 5 o'clock Monday night! It's was a wild ride and we could not have done it alone! We are SO grateful for all of the help we is no doubt to us that the Lord works everyday miracles through the good brothers and sisters we see every Sunday, that will come together in a pinch to help out.

Thanks friends!

So, here we are good ol' Tallahassee! We really miss our new found-old friends in Minnesota, we're very excited to be back in town and have the wonderful opportunities in front of us! Joe-Z is loving his new job with the State so far and school is going well, and we'll be moving into our place at the end of the month!

Sorry no pictures yet...our USB cable got packed on the P.O.D., but once we move'll get pictures galore! I can give you a couple of updates of the kids though:

John Morgan is getting so big, and is enjoying meals of oatmeal and peas...yum yum! He's about ready to crawl...we're thinking within the next month (but now that we've said'll probably take twice that long, lol).

and Levi...there's just so much to tell here...but here's my newest fave...he's learned how to climb out of the pack-an-play! YAY...not. Now there's no stopping him...he climbs out, throws his arms in the air, and screams "Woo-hoo!" I'm just hoping that when we get into our place, he won't try the same stunt from within his crib...that could be disastrous!

Anyway...hope you all are doing well, we're (mostly I'm) glad to be back to the blogging realm!

*If you're a Burtoft reading this (or anyone down south for that matter)...don't tell anyone else in the fam...this is still supposed to be a surprise for you guys!


Cherish said...

Hey, I was wondering what was up with the blogging silence. Well, it sounds like life really has been crazy, but if it's where you are supposed to be right now, more power to you. Too bad you moved back during hurricane season (shudder).

Mrs. Blimes said...

I can't tell you how glad I am that you guys are BACK!!!!

Kristen said...

So great to see you are back to blogging. I will be waiting for pics of the boys. We miss you guys. How is the weather down there?

Andie said...

Glad to see you are getting settled in so quickly. That's great that you can get into your new house so soon.

Kim and Stace said...

wow!!! HOW EXCITING!!! I remembered him saying he wanted to be an institute director a long time ago and was wondering if that was still his goal. Good for him! I guess I'll be seein ya! :) how neat!

Nicole said...

It was good to hear that you made it safely. Good luck getting settled in.

The Seaman Family said...

Hey your back. We miss you guys a ton but am glad to see and hear all is going well. Keep us updated!

shantel said...

I'm sooo excited that you guys get to be back with your family, now all the cousins can be together.

Jared Gunnell said...

Glad you all made it back. Maybe I will make it back down that way one day. (Just to visit!!) Hope everything works out.