Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A little perspective...

So, we've been having an extremely hard time with John Morgan. His crying borders constant. The past few days have been dizzying. He'll cry for hours at a time, until he loses his voice, then he whimpers until he falls asleep, tears still dripping down his cheeks. He gets little bits of sleep at a time, every once and a while he'll be able to sleep for 2 or 3 hours.

It's so strange...sometimes he'll lay on his blanket and stare up at you, just smiling and cooing like crazy, and 20 minutes later he's in hysterics. It's hard to see him so happy, and then so in pain the next minute.

We took him to his pediatrician yesterday who ordered a kidney ultrasound (scheduled for this afternoon), and told us to consult with our GI specialist from Children's to have an endoscopy done. So, we'll meet with him on Thursday and go from there.

With all of this going on, last night I'm on the computer perusing blogs, and came across this great "mommy interview" on the gab blog. From there, I went to this post about her daughter Rachel, who is handicapped. This story really put me in my place. I can't imagine going through something like this. I was left feeling so grateful that I was able to catch a little perspective in the midst of my so-called "rough" day.

I'm also really grateful for both of my boys, who teach me so much about patience, selflessness, and love, and remind me that if I feel this way for them, how much greater are those feelings that our Heavenly Father has for us. I know that he loves us and that he wants us to be happy, and will never give us trials greater than we have strength to bear.


Jenn said...

Hey Lindsey, I'm sorry to hear that about John Morgan. Mallorie was the same way as far as seeming to cry pretty much constantly. It is very hard. Mallorie being my first child, I had the added stress of wondering if it was me that should be doing something different. I hope that y'all find out what's going on and can help him feel better if there is a problem. Heavenly Father knows what you stand in need of so just hang in there. I wish you all the best.

Andie said...


There was a talk given by Jeffery R. Holland some years ago in general conference called "Because She is a Mother". I'm sure you can find it on I've pulled it out and re-read it so many times over the years. It's gotten me through my toughest days as a mom. You are doing great!

Jenn said...

Not to leave two comments, but I second that statement! I actually read from that talk in sacrament meeting on Mother's Day! Alot of truth in general, but especially about young mother's.

Mrs. Blimes said...

im so sorry hes having such a hard time. i'll say a prayer for him, and all of yall.

good luck with the dr.

Jenibelle said...

Thank you for the comment and the mention on your blog. I am so sorry about your baby. It is the toughest thing in the world when your child is suffering. Just trust your instincts, if you aren't getting the answers you need, keep on pressing. Don't let the Dr's intimidate you!!!

Since you are a new bride I sure hope you'll send something in for my girl!!! She'll love it.

Mrs. Blimes said...

im back. i had to tell you that i read those blogs and they made me cry. what a strong family to be able to go thru something like that. it truly does give perspective.

the Rew Crew said...

Oh Lindsey, I so hear you. My babe has been a cryer lately and it's driving me mad. I busted out my two favorite books, 'Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child,' and 'the Happiest Baby on the Block,' and they totally gave me perspective and reminded me that a sleep deprived baby is a force to be reckoned with and will kill the happiest of mom's.

Just knowing that makes me feel better already.

Good luck with the tests!

And remember...this too shall pass!

JustRandi said...

Ahh, perspective is everything isn't it?
Though I am really sorry about John Morgan's troubles. I hope you find out soon what it is!